Is Your Morning Routine Serving You?

Aug 31, 2023

Your alarm goes off; you hit snooze two more times until it’s the last possible minute to get up, or you will be late. You stumble to the coffee maker to grab your coffee, skipping breakfast. You tell yourself you will grab a healthy lunch later to eat at your desk. You stand in front of your closet door or clean clothes hamper (yes, I know what this is), trying to decide what to wear and what you have going on today. What day is it anyway? After you pull together an outfit and hope you remembered to put mascara on both eyes, you look around for your purse, your keys, your coffee mug, frantically getting out the door just in the nick of time… praying there are no red lights on your route this morning.

This was my morning routine for years when I worked my office job and even when I first started out as a small business owner. Many times, I would end up booked solid and start my day frantic with no time to make a healthy breakfast or lunch, so I grabbed convenient, fast...

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Unveiling Wellness: Beyond the Buzzword

Aug 15, 2023



Wellness is such a buzzword these days, right? It's like trying to grab onto a cloud – everyone has their own take. For some, it's all about rock-hard abs, while others just want to chill out. And you know what? Both are totally valid.

But let's dive deeper. How can you chase something when you're not even sure what it looks like? ‍ I've found that a lot of folks are chasing a feeling more than anything else. It's like, "I'll know I've made it when I feel it."

So, here comes the wild part – setting goals for something so intangible. But trust me, it's doable.

Figure out where you're feeling a bit off-kilter. Is it in your relationship with your body, your thoughts, or your spirit?

These are like the different branches of your awesome self. If we talk body, maybe it's about shedding some pounds or getting more toned. But dig deeper – what's the vibe behind that? Is it about fitting into a certain mould or feeling like you belong? Perhaps it's about...

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Message from a kidney stone!

Jan 15, 2020

My body is no different than anyone else’s and therefore I end up with illness and injury too. 

2019 showed me in a very physical way that I was not looking at everything in my life and there was still a corner that I hadn’t cleared out. And so … it decided that it would like to create a HUGE kidney stone that ended up blocking my left kidney! 


I know I collect rocks but really?? I wonder what that is all about? 


Well, let's break this down a bit...


A kidney stone is an accumulation of sediment of sorts and so energetically speaking, I was accumulating “emotional stuff”!!  What the what????



As the stone accumulates and gets bigger, the kidney and the ureters need to work harder to get the job done.


This causing YOU to work hard to uncover the areas and emotions that needed to be looked at, worked on, and cleared.



Once the stone is so big, it gets...

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