The books say Reiki is a form of relaxation that helps to ground your energy, reduce pain in your body, and connect to a higher power...But Reiki is SO MUCH MORE!

Reiki is a hands-on AND distance form of healing that opens your intuition, removes negativity and changes your life.

It helps to elevate your perception adding clarity and expansion to your universe. It is a way to bring yourself to calm within seconds, energizing your body, while also helping you sleep.

But most of all, Reiki soothes your soul!


Connect to higher-self

Your guide team is waiting for you to see yourself on a deeper level. Align with the divine energy of the Universe to provide wisdom and self-healing.

Expand your intuition

Trust your own understanding and tune into that inner knowing about your body and it’s healing ability. Read auras and the energies around you.

Release & Let go

Emotional pain from your past can trigger a body reaction. Release old trauma and bring balance into your life with the 5 principles of Reiki.

Level 1 Practitioner Certification

  • Elevate your perception
  • Gain clarity and expansion
  • Shift from anxious to peace and calm
  • Learn how to detect painful areas in the body

Doors open! Classes starting Sept 13, 2022

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Level 1 Reiki is for you if . . .


    • You are eager to re-connect with yourself and the gifts you were born with
    • You know there is a healer inside you just waiting to get out in the world and make a difference to those around you
    • You are an empath who is looking for the tools to help guard against psychic attack
    • You desire to give back to Mother Earth and humanity by nurturing the planet with this loving energy

Level 2 Advanced Practitioner Certification

  • Deepen into your Reiki practice
  • Learn how to cross time and space barriers
  • Work with one of the leading complementary healing methods
  • Start your own healing business



Level 2 is for you if . . .


    • You are excited about your level 1 skills and can't wait to learn more
    • You want to cross the time-space continuum and help others around the world
    • You feel that there is so much you can do with Reiki
    • You are looking for a way to earn some extra money 

Level 3 Master Practitioner Certification


As we come into Level 3, the Master Level, we start seeing ourselves helping humanity. We see the bigger picture and know the ripple effect that is possible.



Reiki Master is for you if . . .


    • You are living this life and ready to walk your talk
    • You are eager to drop the stone to start the ripple
    • You have seen the effects of Reiki and want to go deeper.
    • You are ready to mentor!

Your Reiki Master Teacher

Hi! I'm Samantha Ross!

Together we will discover and explore new possibilities about your higher self and your intuition. I will guide you to move from being an empath to a multi-dimensional healer.

Enjoy meditations to centre and ground. Participate in class discussions with your soul tribe while you answer some of those questions that you have always wondered about.


I can’t wait to spend this time with you passing on not only the teachings but the tools to your own transformation!

"Highly recommend Samantha for taking a Reiki course. I recently took her Reiki 1 course and it was the most amazing experience. I started the weekend excited and curious to learn more about Reiki and ended the weekend even more excited about the knowledge she shared with me as well as a love and passion for healing power of Reiki. Thank you Samantha!"

Patricia H.

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