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Clients often ask how I got started in this business. Is spirit even real? Was that my grandfather’s ghost that I saw at the back of the church during his funeral?

Like many of you, I questioned myself, my intuition, what I was sensing, and some days, what I was seeing.

As sometimes happens, a tragic event occurred that had me asking myself, ”what else is out there? There has to be something more than what I was doing with my life? What was my purpose anyway? “

After many years of questioning my path and wondering “what if I changed careers?” I did it!   Scary right?! 

Best. Decision. Ever!

My goal for my business was always to combine therapeutic bodywork and the amazing healing of energy-work. Reiki, Akashic Records, and Access Bars can help release the pain and discomfort that develops when the body is in dis-ease. 

Now, as a Reiki Master, and Intuitive Healing coach, YOU get to find your “happy” place and clear your emotional baggage while allowing your physical body to be in balance! Together we peel back the layers to see what your gifts are and how you can take control of your life and steer it in the direction of your dreams. 

If you are eager to re-align yourself to your desired life, learn to develop your intuition, or heal others then I invite YOU to join me. No matter where you’re at, we can walk this path together.

Namaste ॐ

Samantha Ross, Reiki Master/Teacher,

Intuitive Healing coach & RMT


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