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Are you ready to discover a new YOU?

Could you imagine living the life of your dreams? Waking up every morning knowing the glass is ALWAYS full!  Let’s journey together to reclaim your happy place, remove unwanted negative energy, release body tension, and flow into the life that you desire. Find wellness and the new YOU!

Your Wellness Coach

As a Wellness Coach & Healer, with a background in massage therapy, nutrition and homeopathy, I combine my knowledge of the body with my experience working with quantum energy.  Each session or coaching package with me is tailored to what your body requires at that moment to bring you back into balance and feel fantastic! 

We work together to heal past trauma by clearing your Akashic Records and reconnecting you to your Soul's abundant energy.

These sessions can help to achieve your health and wellness goals. It could be bringing a sense of peace and calm to your life, reducing pain, conceiving a child, or finally saying goodbye to that extra weight you've been carrying. Whether we're running D-codes™, Reiki, resetting your craniosacral flow, or some combination, you will get what is required at that moment to move you forward and regain balance in your body, mind & soul.


Eat Like a Human Coaching - HRA Members only!

Are you following Eat Like a Human protocol in the HRA Community and need some support? 

Let's take the path of least resistance as you rewrite your body's programming and step into your health.

Together, we're going to clear the outdated programming that has kept you from achieving your goals, or feeling your absolute best. I'll be able to help you adjust your supplementation, meal plans, and keep you on track by monitoring your pH levels.

We'll make sure you're at maximum healing ranges and absorption levels at all times.

Chose from 4-week coaching where we will meet weekly for 30 minutes. I will help you get a jumpstart on your protocol or 12-week coaching to get you all the way through and across the finish line! 


"Bodies crave alignment, and we can’t fix one thing without tweaking another to keep our beautiful ecosystem balanced."

~Samantha Ross

"I have lost 45 Lbs since working with Sam! When I show up for my body, my body shows up for me!"


"My mission is to be the bridge for people to discover their own possibilities."

Samantha Ross

"Both my sessions had some rather profound healing. She helped me work through some addiction ... In only one session, Sam was able to identify the root of the problem and clear it right then and there. I haven't had any hardship with letting these habits go, quite the opposite, my soul feels freed and empowered. Samantha has such a warm and inviting energy about her that makes you feel seen, heard and safe. I highly recommend her for any issues currently plaguing you. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Samantha Ross. You truly are a beacon of light."


Monthly Woman's Circle & Gathering

There is something to be said about having a tribe or community of like-minded souls to gather and watch the expansion.  You weren’t meant to walk this path alone.

We come together each month to learn about and discuss topics that will help to propel you forward in your spiritual and wellness journey.

Whether you are a seasoned healer or brand new to this world of “woo” , we have something for you!

Our next in-person circle topic is New Moon Celebration on March 21 @ 6:00 pm (CANCELLED, See you next month)


Beyond Reiki Certifications

Delve into new experiences or brush up on your existing Reiki skills. We are discovering the world of Reiki energy while playing with our intuition. Develop some new skills and possibilities with mediumship, akashic records and so much more.

FULL CERTIFICATION starts online on March 29 @ 5:00 pm MDT (Level 1 through to Level 3)

  • Level 1 - Reiki for the New World Timelines 
  • Level 2 - Light Code Reiki 
  • Level 3 - Reiki  Mastery 
  • Level 4 - Mastering the Mentor Role (By application)

"I recently took her Reiki 1 course and it was the most amazing experience. I started the weekend excited and curious to learn more about Reiki and ended the weekend even more excited about the knowledge she shared with me as well as a love and passion for the healing power of Reiki. Thank you Samantha!"


Deep Relaxation

This meditation has helped many people connect to the earth's energy, release unwanted stress and feel more relaxed.

Enjoy this meditation daily!

FREE Grounding Meditation

What are the D-Codes™?

The D-Codes™ are currents of energy that open the channels for our soul to fully settle into the body. The frequencies that transmute pain, disease and old stories harbored in our cells, for good. They attune us to our multidimensional experience.

As a Certified D-Codes™ Practitioner, I take a holistic approach, tracking through all 5 energy bodies at once to get to the root of the issue. I can help you to clear out the karmic cycles, ancestral bindings, and general discomfort you are ready to release, bringing about connection on a deeper level to who you are.

In the D-Codes™, we do this through a unique combination of:
- tracking through all 5 energy bodies

- complex Akashic records
- cord and contract work
- intuitive life coaching
- mediumship
- in-person or distance space clearings
- hormonal and immune system support
- transmuting dark or unhelpful emotions and energies
- reconnecting you to your whole and healed version of self

For more information about the D-Codes™, visit www.caitlindianna.com/what-are-the-d-codes

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