Feeling like it's your fault or wondering what you did wrong? 

It's not your fault and you did nothing wrong!

There can be all kinds of energetic, invisible factors that are impacting your ability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to full-term.

If you have been having difficulty conceiving a child even though the doctors say there is no medical reason for this, or maybe you are able to get pregnant but have experienced multiple miscarriages leaving you feeling devastated and thinking you will never become a Mother, then this is for you.

In my fertility coaching, I take you through my 5 step protocol to clear out the energetic *ish that is holding you back from being the parent that you know you are here to be. 

With these sessions, we work through clearing your Akashic records, cords, contracts, and ancestral lines to make a clear path to bridge in your Little Soul.

Let's start building that family!

Some have called me:

The Baby Whisperer &

The Pregnancy Fairy Godmother 

Some have called me:

The Baby Whisperer &

The Fairy Godmother of Pregnancy




A passionate and dedicated holistic wellness coach, specializing in empowering women to overcome their health challenges and fertility struggles and find their path to vibrant well-being. I specialize in working with those on a path to becoming parents. For women who have experienced multiple miscarriages or are struggling to conceive despite no medical reasons, I offer a unique approach using my 5 step fertility protocol to help them achieve their dream of becoming a Mother. 

I combine D-Codes, Reiki, Quantum Energy, meditation, mindset shifts, and spirituality with my clients. My training in the physical body and physiology further enables me to help my clients relax, clear energy blocks, and address any limiting beliefs that may hinder their journey to parenthood.

The fertility sessions are designed to guide women toward a more balanced and harmonious state, equipping them with the tools to nurture their mind, body, and spirit on their path to starting their families. 

What my clients say:

Stephanie J.

With the help of sessions with Samantha, I was able to heal endometriosis which led to the birth of my daughter, Ellie.

After YEARS of trying, A TON of clearing work with Samantha Ross in this lifetime, akashic poo (literally), and even a curse. Not to mention I had surgery for endometriosis... I'm screaming at the top of my lungs how grateful I am for Samantha Ross' amazing sessions.

Tiffany P.

When Sam and I first worked together I had just finished struggling with a miscarriage but my body was behaving like I was still pregnant. I was gaining weight, my hormones were wacky, I still had morning sickness issues, and I was a hot mess! Things shifted after our session a lot. Then I tried to get pregnant again for a year before I came back and worked with you. In our second session we cleared the disconnection pieces and prepared my body for pregnancy. A month and a half later I was pregnant with twins! I honestly believe supporting me going through that miscarriage and helping me process all of that was a huge step in getting me ready to take on having another pregnancy. I am forever grateful for your support and guidance.

Samantha K.

I found the session to be exactly what I needed to get into a healthy and aligned headspace for childbirth. I finally was able to surrender the need for control and instead was able to honor my little one’s need for space to do things her own way. I was able to connect with her energy and have the childbirth experience I always yearned for- fully present and connected to my baby through the entire experience.

Becoming a mother no longer needs to be just a dream. Together we can make it a reality.

What are the D-Codes™

The D-Codes™ are currents of energy that open the channels for our soul to fully settle into the body. The frequencies that transmute pain, disease and old stories harbored in our cells, for good. They attune us to our multidimensional experience.

As a Certified D-Codes™ Practitioner, I take a holistic approach, tracking through all 5 energy bodies at once to get to the root of the issue. I can help you to clear out the karmic cycles, ancestral bindings, and general discomfort you are ready to release, bringing about connection on a deeper level to who you are.

In the D-Codes™, we do this through a unique combination of:
- tracking through all 5 energy bodies

- complex Akashic records
- cord and contract work
- intuitive life coaching
- mediumship
- in-person or distance space clearings
- hormonal and immune system support
- transmuting dark or unhelpful emotions and energies
- reconnecting you to your whole and healed version of self

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