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Are you ready to discover a new layer of self?

Could you imagine living the life of your dreams? Waking up every morning knowing the glass is ALWAYS full!  Let’s journey together to reclaim your happiness, remove unwanted negative energy, release body tension and flow into the life that you deserve. Find your purpose and the new YOU!

Personal Healing Session

As a healer, with a background in massage therapy, I combine my knowledge of the body with my experience working with quantum energy.  Each session with me is tailored to what your body requires at that moment. 

Work with your higher self to heal past trauma, clear your Akashic records, and reconnect to your Soul and Galactic versions of self.

This session can help to reduce pain and discomfort, gain a clearer “vision” of your soul’s path and bring a sense of peace and calm. Whether it's a D-codes™ session or Reiki, you will get what is required to move you forward and regain balance in your body, mind & soul.

Online session


"My mission is to be the bridge for people to discover their own possibilities."

Samantha Ross

Join our Beyond Reiki classroom

Come and join your fellow classmates while you delve into new experiences or brush up on your existing skills. We are discovering the world of energy while playing with our intuition and onboarding new skills and possibilities with mediumship, accessing your akashic records and so much more.

  • Reiki Level 1
  • Reiki Level 2 
  • Reiki Level 3 Master
  • Reiki Master Teacher

"Since my session my way of thinking and how I feel has slowly evolved and taken on a positive spin. I believe that the session was the beginning of change for me. I am grateful for the doors you have helped open for me!"

Educational Assistant

"Highly recommend Samantha for both Reiki treatments or for taking a Reiki course. I recently took her Reiki 1 course and it was the most amazing experience. I started the weekend excited and curious to learn more about Reiki and ended the weekend even more excited about the knowledge she shared with me as well as a love and passion for the healing power of Reiki. Thank you Samantha!"

Patricia H.
Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Deep Relaxation

This meditation has helped many people connect to the earth's energy, release unwanted stress and feel more relaxed.

Enjoy this meditation daily!

FREE Grounding Meditation

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