Message from a kidney stone!

My body is no different than anyone else’s and therefore I end up with illness and injury too. 

2019 showed me in a very physical way that I was not looking at everything in my life and there was still a corner that I hadn’t cleared out. And so … it decided that it would like to create a HUGE kidney stone that ended up blocking my left kidney! 


I know I collect rocks but really?? I wonder what that is all about? 


Well, let's break this down a bit...


A kidney stone is an accumulation of sediment of sorts and so energetically speaking, I was accumulating “emotional stuff”!!  What the what????



As the stone accumulates and gets bigger, the kidney and the ureters need to work harder to get the job done.


This causing YOU to work hard to uncover the areas and emotions that needed to be looked at, worked on, and cleared.



Once the stone is so big, it gets STUCK, unable to move.


You feel stuck and unable to move, change or take a different shape.



When the stone is lodged and 100% blocking your kidney, your kidney can start to become saturated and enlarged. This can cause kidney failure.


The emotion becomes heavy and weighed. The “problem” that this emotion has manifested becomes ENLARGED and STUCK.


You see, emotions can manifest physically in your body. Your body needs to be able to SHOW you that there is something inside emotionally that needs to be looked at. 

Hence the BIG ASS kidney stone. 

This is the reason I love what I do in my sessions combining the energy work with a massage.  I’m able to see physically the muscle tension, tendons and fascia.  I can also see the imbalance. We can use Reiki, Access Bars or D-codes to get to the energetic and emotional body to allow a bigger and more long-lasting shift. 

Cuz… who needs a kidney stone?  Or any other random illness?  NOBODY!

Getting the root of the problem can be tricky because we always want to look at the physical body. It is so enlightening to know that we can go deeper and find the emotional root cause through energy work!

SO, the next time that you have something physical going on with your body, ask yourself if there is something emotionally that you haven’t been willing to look at. 

The root cause could be just within your reach! 

I'm always here to help you discover that root cause.


Many Blessings,

XO Samantha Ross

Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Healing Coach






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